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General Information about Me

I am a small beef producer in Union Mills, IN. As a result of my small size, I cannot market my animals in the same way a larger producer can, therefore I serve the small niche market of people who want to buy beef to stock their freezers. All of my animals are fed in a very small feedlot that is located on the same property on which I live. All of my steers are fed the highest quality feed and they are kept healthy. I take pride in being an American Farmer and having a small part in producing food for the world.

At this time I only sell live steers, but I will deliver them to your choice of area slaughterhouses, and I will be happy to work with new customers to help them get acquainted with the process of buying a steer and obtaining their meat. I will sell to anyone in the general northwestern Indiana region.

I would like to thank all of my customers for their business, it is truly appreciated.

           -Zach Lindborg

Outside the feedlot Steers in the feedlot on a winter day
Left: Outside the feedlot on a summer day, Right: Steers in the feedlot on a winter day

Note to Customers:
I have considered the possibility of retail selling pre-packaged meat, although I would have to know that I would have the potential for enough business to justify the time and the costs to do this. If you would be interested in buying smaller quantities of prepackaged meat, please let me know.

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